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Life cycle management, maintenance & operability

The ageing of materials, structures and components set limits on the technical and economic life and operability of production units. Demands on safety, efficiency and reduced environmental impact also challenge the current concepts concerning the performance of materials and plant life management. A high proportion of combined heat and power (CHP) and biomass fuels create particular requirements on plant performance and life management in Finland, where highly reliable and efficient production has been demonstrated even in older plants. Similarly, consistent top ranking in the load factors of Finnish NPPs is a global reference for Finnish expertise and V TT's co-operation with the power industry.

VTT offers R& D services for evaluating the materials performance of plants and components. These are supported by in-house expertise and experimental facilities, including the accredited facilities and procedures for materials characterization, and the VTT quality system that is certified to ISO 9001. The testing services are also used for assessing conformity to standards, in-service acceptance or regulatory requirements, and for failure assessment and prevention.

VTT provides innovative technology and tailored solutions for customers supplying power equipment and operating production plants. About 30% of VTT's current PLIM activities serve the international market. VTT provides both focused and comprehensive services on all aspects of plant life management covering the following areas:

Structural integrity

  • structural design and verification - dynamic and elastic-plastic analysis
  • numerical analysis, fluid-structure interaction

Manufacturing and refurbishment

  • fabrication and repair methods, quality assurance
  • joining and coating techniques
  • effects on component performance

Condition and life monitoring

  • monitoring of operational conditions and material response
  • non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and risk-informed inspection
  • failure assessment and prevention

Materials performance

  • characterisation of materials under service conditions
  • effect of damage mechanisms and defects on condition and life

Additional information

Pentti Kauppinen
Technology Manager
+358 20 722 6481

Additional information

Pentti Kauppinen
Technology Manager
+358 20 722 6481