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Foil integration to 3D devices

Our multi-disciplinary experience in printing, packaging, polymers, materials and electronics allows us to produce flexible smart systems or polymer foil over-moulded rigid systems for our customers. Foil integration to 3D devices means refining printed rolls to 3D prototypes and final products.

From roll to product

VTT improves integration technologies for smart-sensing and functional 3D product structures. Our processes permit us to develop products that are cost-efficient, conformal, and easy to assemble. We are able to print electric wires and functional devices onto polymer foils, or to assemble bare semiconductor devices on foils, later to be further refined as a means of creating conformal product structures. This may involve inserting foils into injection moulding, reaction moulding, or over-mould foils with the desired polymer or epoxy material. The pre-shaping of the foils using heat and pressure before over-moulding improves conformal embedding of foils into the desired 3D plastic structures. Applications include lighting, sensing, displays and user interfaces.

Manufacturing of new free-form integrated smart objects

Polymer foil integration technology allows us to develop innovative ideas to meet our customers’ product needs. We can help vet product ideas through prototype implementation and testing. In this way, customers can ascertain final product costs, or the cost of structures and development in the production ramp-up phase.

 VTT offers:

  • multi-disciplinary systems design
  • optics simulation employing professional software tools such as Zemax, and injection moulding simulation software tools, such as Moldex3D
  • thermal simulation of embedded devices and components using Flotherm
  • processing and characterization machines, including three R2R printing machines, a Lauffer Pressen RLKV 25/1 hot laminator, a Wyko 3300NT optical profilometer, a T3tester semiconductor temperature measurement device, and an illumination measurement laboratory.

A new pilot production line is now under development and will be operational in 2012.