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Forest industry

VTT operates as a research and development partner in the fields of the forest industry. Forest industry activities cover all branches within the industries, from raw materials to products and processed products:

• Pulp and paper manufacturing
• Converting and printing
• Mechanical wood processing
• Machinery, automation and equipment
• Forest chemistry
• Environment
• Energy
• Production management

Research improving process efficiency and product quality supports the competitiveness of existing production plants. VTT also offers its know-how for the development of entirely new products, methods and processes.

VTT’s strength is to offer our customers multidisciplinary know-how from:

• New materials
• Functional fibre products
• Bioprocesses
• Chemical processes
• Paper making processes
• Bio energy and Biofuels
• Media technologies
• Systems research
• Intelligent engines
• Printed intelligence
• Optical instrumentation
• Sensors and mobile devices
• Risk management and reliability

Our particular strength lies in demanding experimental facilities in various research environments and under factory conditions, as well as modelling and simulation that support these activities.

We also develop measuring devices for process management and product quality monitoring purposes. Sustainable use of natural resources and a clean environment are emphasised in VTT's research.

Additional information

Tuomas Mustonen
Vice President
+358 20 722 7466

Technologies and competences