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Forest industry

VTT is your innovation partner in all areas of the forest industry sector. We are ready to team up with you and provide services that are based on multi-technological knowledge, extensive facilities and a value chain approach. Together we can improve your competitiveness, keep your operations up to date and create new business for you.

Additional information

Tuomas Mustonen
Vice Pesident
+358 50 598 7516

Biofocus on materials

Sustainability drivers
and new technologies
exploit the potential of
wood-based and other
renewable raw materials.

Winning products

VTT develops new products
and applications by
harnessing the broad
strengths of wood-based
and other renewable materials.

Lean processes
and machinery

With its customers, VTT
develops next-generation,
resource-efficient fibre
and biorefinery processes.

Intelligent business

VTT comes up with novel
business concepts to meet
the demands of the changing
business environment of
forest sector companies.

Smart operations and

VTT offers services with
a new technological
approach to serve the
process industry’s

industrial platform

A web service that enables
industry to keep track of the
latest R&D breakthroughs
in forest value chains.