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Biofocus on materials

Biomaterials are a solution to the increasing global demand for sustainability. VTT supports this trend and develops e.g. packaging materials and bio-based chemicals based on forest biomass and agricultural side streams. Our polymerisation and modification technologies can also be combined with nano-composite technologies for various applications.

Additional information

John Kettle
Key Account Manager
+358 40 593 6013

Wood-based biocomponents and biochemicals

Various components can be isolated either from living trees (rubber, rosin, gums, resins, etc.) or from pulp and paper process streams (lignin, hemicelluloses and cellulose and their derivates). Their uses are numerous, including chemical, biotechnical and pharmaceutical processes and products.

Nano- and microfibers

Cellulose nanofibres can be used to develop completely new fibre-based products with characteristics that cannot be achieved with ordinary raw materials. In improved paper and board production, nanofibres contribute to material, water and energy efficiency.


Biopolymers can be formulated into glues, coatings and pigments as well as extruded into injection-moulded materials. VTT offers services for the modification and functionalisation of natural polymers (e.g. starch, cellulose and wood fibres).

Composite materials

Combining wood and other natural fibres with polymers and plastic processing technologies offers exciting new market opportunities for biocomposites and natural fibre composites (NFC). Applications include tableware, furnishing and automotive parts.

Biofuels, energy components

VTT’s services in the biomass utilisation chain include the production of combined heat and power and the production and processing of biofuels. Combustion, gasification and pyrolysis are used for biomass and advanced waste to energy conversion.