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Intelligent business concepts

Forest value chains need novel business concepts in order to maintain their competitiveness in the new bio-era. In the creation of new business, the needs of the customer, products and services, raw materials, energy and processes have to be considered simultaneously. VTT is your partner in the creation of new business, providing a toolset to manage this complex process.

Additional information

Tuomas Mustonen
Vice President
+358 20 722 7466

Novel uses of wood fibre

Thanks to its versatility, wood fibre is truly the material of the future. With new technologies, the properties of fibres and fibre products can be tailored to fit totally new end uses. They can also be used to replace non-renewable raw materials.

Interactive printed media and packaging

New business opportunities are created by turning printing and packaging into interactive channels between consumers and brand owners. Hybrid media and augmented reality technologies yield attractive new product and service concepts. VTT helps you to discover and realise new business opportunities.

User-centric product concept design

End-user needs play an important role when developing new products or product properties. When the consumer is involved in development work right from the beginning, the potential for success is much higher and the product applications can even be expanded. VTT offers user-centric design services to its customers.


Biorefinery concepts

In successful biorefinery concepts, the availability of raw materials, the demands set on the product and the use of side-streams are optimised with an eye on the big picture. The most feasible technologies are chosen. VTT offers services and tools for business development and modelling of biorefineries.


Technology foresight

VTT’s technology and business foresight services enable our customers to manage future trends and challenges. Foresight provides the means to identify and to be prepared for major changes in the operating environment and in technology development. Foresight enables the discovery of new business potential and serves as an essential part of strategic risk management.