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Smart operations and maintenance

VTT helps its customers in the process industry to manage the increasing demands in monitoring, controlling and maintaining profitable production. VTT’s diagnostics services and process development solutions ensure greater competitiveness in the complex matrix of operations.

Additional information

Esa Torniainen
Business Development Manager
+358 50 598 7668

Janne Poranen
Head of Research Area
+358 400 138 711

Process analysis, data analysis and data mining

VTT’s process services employ a new technological approach. The combination of process measurement, data analysis, and modelling can be utilised to increase the cost-efficiency of existing processes as well as to create and test new solutions.

Runnability on paper and printing machines

VTT has extensive experience in research work to improve runnability on paper and printing machines. The services cover computational modelling, laboratory, semi-pilot and pilot scale measurements and various on-line and off-line measurements at the mill scale.

Intelligent information systems for the wood industry

VTT is internationally recognised as a forerunner in the development of intelligent design and production systems for the wood working industry. VTT offers its customers deep expertise and remarkable improvement potential that can decrease investment costs and improve value yield by as much as 10%.

Safety and reliability management

VTT’s multi-technological risk management service provides companies with the capabilities to manage risks and exploit opportunities created by emerging technologies and the changing business environment.

Scale-up from lab to pilot to production

VTT offers extensive experimental facilities for the forest sector’s research. VTT can develop and verify new technologies from fibre-scale phenomena all the way to concrete demonstration products. Together with its customers VTT can assess the real potential of new fibre-based products and their processing in realistic and dynamic conditions.