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High performance sensors for industrial applications

Silicon technologies offer the high performance and the reliability required by industrial sensors while keeping the cost affordable. VTT offers a unique service to facilitate the adoption of microtechnologies for low and medium volume applications. Products developed by VTT can be produced industrially by VTT Memsfab Ltd.

Spectrometer modules

VTT has developed a family of microspectrometers, useful in a wide range of applications such as process control, colour separation and sensor networks. VTT microspectrometer technology is based on the patented Fabry-Perot interferometer technology that is used as a tuneable narrow band filter.

Advantages include:

• wide selection of wavelength ranges in the VIS/NIR/MIR range (0.35 μm – 12 μm)
• compact and robust
• low cost for high volume production
• one device can cover a tuning range of 20-30% of the centre wavelength

In addition to the above uses, microspectrometers are used in process control applications and concentration measurements, for example, of gases and fuels.

Miniaturized imaging spectrometers

VTT has developed unique MEMS tuneable filters for spectral imaging.

Advantages include:

• compact size and low weigh
• low cost for high volume productio
• robus
• large aperture (up to 3 mm2).

Applications include quality inspection, remote sensing (satellite applications, unmanned

aerial vehicles) and bioimaging.

MEMS gas sensors for combustible gases

The MEMS sensors (micropellistors) that VTT has developed for gas detection (for hydrogen and ethylene, for example) can detect several gases simultaneously. These are highly sensitive sensors, and the sensitivity to various gases can be custom-tailored.

Advantages include:

• fast response tim
• low power consumptio
• small siz
• low cost.

VTT MEMS gas sensor applications include process industry controls and automation, alarm systems, and emission measurements. They are also suitable for leak detection and ideal for wireless applications.

Condition monitoring sensors

VTT condition monitoring sensors can be embedded in machinery and other types of products, or they can be used as stand-alone sensors. Vibration sensing MEMS components can be customized within the range 100-300 kHz.


• low power consumptio
• small siz
• low temperature sensitivit
• low cost for high volume production.

VTT condition monitoring sensor applications include machinery and equipment condition monitoring, leak detection in pipes, and wireless applications.