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Face and gesture recognition

Additional information

Harri Nurmi
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 6199

When traditional input methods won’t suffice, face and gesture recognition are two ways of building user awareness into intelligent solutions. VTT expertise and know-how can help kick-start the development of applications as diverse as surveillance, gaming and entertainment.

Today’s intelligent systems often need to be aware of their surrounding environment. Such awareness can be used, for example, to assist human operators in surveillance tasks, freeing them from cumbersome input devices such as keyboards. It can also be used for activities like marketing, where digital content such as advertisements could be adapted based on user demographics.

VTT has strong expertise in computer vision and data analysis. Our methodologies can be used for developing face and gesture recognition approaches. With the help of our specialists, you can efficiently develop dedicated solutions specific to user needs and application constraints.

Face and gesture recognition can help to create new and interesting user experiences, or to reduce the burdens of human operators. Regardless of the application area, VTT can provide solutions tailored to very specific use scenario constraints.