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Context awareness integration

Additional information

Harri Nurmi
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 6199

More complete information about users’ situations and intentions would be most helpful for a variety of services. But other than location, creating user context in real time is difficult to achieve.






VTT provides the following solutions for mobile user context recognition:

  • context components software library (Android, iOS, RIM and S60 licenses)
  • life-pattern detection with context technologies
  • solutions for mobile device battery management
  • software development for all mobile platforms
  • consultation related to mobile phone operating systems, power management and context recognition.

Context components make use of mobile phone sensors and capabilities to determine whether a user is walking, running, falling, in a bus or in a car. The information can be used in many ways, by the mobile phone operating system, applications or by Internet services.

The context components that we produce are lightweight, reliable and outperform competing solutions with respect to energy consumption, all of which make context recognition practical for mobile devices. Our customers also benefit from our world-class research in context technologies, our consulting services and our ability to tailor context solutions to most platforms by means of product-level implementations.