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Lowering the barrier for new technology adoption

Additional information

Harri Nurmi
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 6199

New technologies, concepts and services enter the market every day. However, user acceptance is often the key hurdle that new technology faces, and the one that dictates a business’s viability.

VTT provides methodology and hands-on consulting from concept through to mass production. Users’ feedback is taken into account every step of the way in the co-creation of service concepts.

Our service offering includes:

  • OWELA ( an online laboratory that utilizes social media features for participatory design and open innovation)
  • 360 degree evaluations
  • user experience evaluations.

Empowering people to participate in the development of new services and technologies increases the likelihood of adoption and creates a community of aficionados, all at the same time. VTT offers a range of tools for both interview-based and social media-based approaches that have worked well for us, time and again, in real life client scenarios.

VTT has developed a multidisciplinary 360-degree impact analysis tool that integrates data to forecast the impact of new technological solutions and services. Impacts analyzed include: User acceptance, Business, Organisation, Security, Ethics and Sustainability.