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Behaviour change management

Additional information

Kari Kohtamäki
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 6007

VTT has over ten years’ experience in developing mobile solutions for personal health management and behaviour change support. Solutions address health-related behaviours such as stress management, sleep, nutrition and exercise. These solutions are often based on behavioural change theories or cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT), and combine psychological intervention techniques with technology tools for self-management.

VTT’s strength lies in its ability to take a multidisciplinary approach to behaviour change support, taking into account mental, physical, social, and cultural dimensions of wellbeing as well as individual contexts, needs, motivators and abilities. A creative combination of psychological, technical and business perspectives is needed to develop new technology-based concepts to support and engage people in the behaviour change processes.

Empowering the self-management of psychophysiological wellbeing (P4Well)

P4Well (Pervasive Personal and Psycho-Physiological management of WELLness) is a novel technology-based concept for empowering people to self-manage their wellbeing. The primary focus of the concept is on stress management through improved health management strategies.

The P4Well concept combines modern psychological methods with personal health technologies including a web portal and web-based tools, mobile phone applications, wearable health monitoring devices, and a variety of analysis methods based on physiological models for interpretation and feedback. The concept supports secured private expert consultation and peer support through social media.