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Identification of network Quality of Experience (QoE)

Additional information

Tapio Rauma
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 2498

Smart phones and wireless broadband subscriptions overwhelm networks with data. This leads to lost connections and low data performance, worsening the user experience.

When communication tools operate only on the network level, user network connectivity, the true end user experience is difficult to estimate. This is because application-specific and service-related aspects are left out of the picture.

VTT has developed a suite of versatile QoS monitoring tools that operate in terminals and on network key interfaces:

  • software licenses for multipoint and flow-based QoS monitoring
  • software-based user experience assessment in the case of VoIP
  • a QoS monitoring tool for 3G to Wi-Fi off-loading
  • consultation related to all aspects of wireless networks, QoS and protocols
  • interference and deliberate jamming problem solving in military scenarios.

Our monitoring tools are capable of finding network bottlenecks with multipoint measurement and with very high timing accuracy. We have developed a Network Address Translation (NAT) bypass method that allows measurement over NAT. This is a solution to a major challenge faced by many QoS analyser manufacturers. A software- and neural network based QoE algorithm provides real time VoIP quality assessment without the need for laborious user tests.

We have 10 years of experience in wireless networks and QoS technologies. Laboratory facilities such as our Converging Networks Laboratory are also available to customers.

Within the QoS topic, we are in co-operation with companies such as NSN, PV (Finnish military forces), EXFO|Nethawk, PPO and 7Signal.