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Semantic recommendation systems and portable user profiles

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Harri Nurmi
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 6199

Delivering multimedia content to customers more quickly is a very important part of the CDN delivery system model, but so is gaining a deeper understanding of users’ information needs in relation to available content. Semantic Web is a recommendation and profiling solution that enables machines to understand and respond to complex human requests based on their meaning.

Semantic recommendation systems

Providing users with relevant content based on their interests, needs and context is the goal of a Semantic Recommendation System (SRS). By enriching the content metadata with semantic information, an SRS can better match recommendations to a user’s true interests than a traditional recommendation system can.

SRS utilizes all the necessary Semantic Web building blocks, such as the Resource Definition Framework (RDF) formats, Web Ontology Language (OWL), and various ontologies in a number of domains.

VTT has demonstrated the usefulness of the SRS concept in various pilot projects. VTT supplies content providers with consulting, design and implementation services in using SRS to facilitate better matching of content with users’ true needs and requirements.

Semantic portable profile

Almost all web-based services and social media communities make use of user profiles. Profiles help service providers to automatically match available content with users’ interests, and to enable them to connect with others with similar interests. As the number of active services for each user can be substantial, the burden of creating and maintaining effective profiles is often considerable.

A Portable User Profile is a concept, which allows all the user’s interests to be stored in one single place. The profile makes it possible to serve users with relevant content in different services and gives content providers and advertisers insights into their audience for further service development.

VTT has created a Semantic Portable Profile (SPP) service that has links with the major social media services and public ontologies. The service can be implemented at a company level, or it can be based on a more global context, using a VTT-driven SPP service platform. Users have access to the service using their desktops, and soon via mobile devices as well. VTT’s Semantic Tagging Widget helps users to intuitively define their profile, with suggestions on possible semantic contexts of the keywords typed in. New service interfaces can also be added for content providers, operators, and other companies.

Better recommendations, better uptake

VTT’s Semantic Portable Profile and Semantic Recommendation System give content providers the ability to present users with more personalized recommendations. This can increase affinity for the service, boost sales and provide the basis for better-personalised advertising.