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Multimedia coding, adaption and delivery optimization

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Harri Nurmi
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 6199

For the most efficient delivery of content from server to client, multimedia content delivery networks (CDN) need to recognize and adapt to throughput and client capabilities. This is especially important with streaming services in a mobile environment, when content needs to be delivered live from a single source to multiple types of devices using different networks and form factors.

CDN testing services

VTT has extensive experience in technologies for fast, reliable, and scalable video streaming in mobile environments. Our CDN test platform provides a cost-effective and realistic environment for the testing and development of a wide range of video transmission and transcoding technologies. These include application software, video codecs, adaptive video streaming, Quality of Service (QoS), mobility, IPv6, and transport protocols. We provide a controlled network environment through the use of WLAN, WiMAX, or 3G network simulation tools.

Adaptive, optimized portable multimedia streaming solutions

VTT provides consultation, development and technology licensing services for building adaptive and optimized multimedia streaming solutions for diverse operating systems and processor architectures.

Our adaptation technologies include techniques such as:

  • adaptive video coding
  • adaptation video streaming based on network capabilities (e.g. 3G vs. 4G)
  • adaptation video streaming based on client capabilities (e.g. iPhone vs. iPad)
  • dynamic (real-time) and static (initialisation) adaptation technologies
  • signalling solutions for adaptation technologies.

Our client technologies include:

  • video coding algorithms and standards (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, SVC, VC-1, VP6, VP8/WebM)
  • 3D video coding technologies (MVC, 2D + depth)
  • development of error resilience and rate adaptation algorithms for MPEG-4, H.264 and H.264/SVC
  • embedded video codec development and optimization (MPEG-4, H.264, VC-1, VP6, VP8).


As an independent technical expert, VTT works with all CDN business players. Our services help operators, content providers, equipment manufacturers and other functions in the value chain to easily test their development strategies and quickly bring them into existence.

With the support of VTT’s other research and service offerings in the Smart CDN area, we can provide a fresh, broad view of the very competitive CDN market.