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Multimedia content analysis and management

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Harri Nurmi
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 6199

High bandwidth networks and increased storage capacity have enabled the creation of an overwhelming amount of multimedia content. This content can be archived in digital libraries, or it can consist of multiple live streams such as in CDN networks and video surveillance solutions. Add to that the quantity of video created and stored in social media services, and you have a whole new need for efficient search and notification methods.

VTT has created multiple technologies for automating multimedia content analysis and management. Using our solutions, content can be complemented with rich metadata, enabling intelligent searches and quick retrieval of the right content. In the case of streamed videos, these technologies can also provide efficient event-based monitoring services.

VTT content analysis toolbox

VTT Content Analysis Toolbox is a set of algorithms and tools that can be embedded within any content management platform or video streaming service for automatic and rapid extracting of events, metadata or other meaningful information from AV files and streams. The toolbox currently contains the following algorithms:

  • face/hand/human/object detection and tracking
  • motion and event analysis
  • video shot segmentation
  • image similarity / key frame clustering
  • low level feature generation (analysis of movement, colour histogram, etc.)
  • depth camera image analysis and skeleton movement analysis for gesture user interface
  • context-based metadata capture on mobile devices
  • speaker segmentation and speaker ID management
  • audio content classification
  • sound source localization
  • adaptive noise cancellation

VTT provides licensing and project-based services for quick implementation of these algorithms in customer platforms and products.

VTT MediaShare - mobile media content management

Mobile devices are a particularly challenging platform for multimedia applications. Small screens and limited interaction methods greatly limit the possibility of creating a fluid and easy-to-use interface. Varying network performance also creates problems for real-time multimedia transmission. And of course mobile phone users don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for content or annotating recently created content.

VTT MediaShare is an advanced media content management platform for mobile devices. It contains the following services:

  • mobile phone or tablet content creation
  • desktop/mobile content browsing, sharing and co-creation
  • selected Content Analysis Toolbox functionality
  • support for multiple sharing services (YouTube, Picasa, etc.)
  • community management connection to social media platforms.

VTT MediaShare also includes VideoSummarizer, a collaborative content co-creation tool. It combines mobile content production, management, analysis and social networking tools into an integrated service. With VideoSummarizer you can create a video summary based on a geographical route, city, event, or combination thereof. The tool locates clusters of videos created by friends, family members, sports club members, Facebook friends etcetera and combines them into a neatly packaged video summary presentation.

VTT provides licensing and project-based services for implementing parts or all of the VTT MediaShare system in customer platforms and products.

Cost effective, faster time-to-market

VTT’s multimedia analysis and management solutions help content providers introduce automatic metadata tagging with new and exciting content search and presentation services to their customers, quickly and cost-effectively. With the support of VTT’s other research and service offering in the Smart CDN area, we can provide a fresh and broad view of the very competitive CDN market.

Additional information

Harri Nurmi
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 6199