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Examples and results of knowledge solutions, 2

Acquisition, utilization and impacts of patent and market information in innovation activities

Knowledge/information is an ever increasing strategic asset for enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland do not systematically utilize external information. There are many special grounds for intensifying the acquisition and utilization of patent and market information in SMEs. This holds good also for supplying and developing information services to SMEs. 

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the National Board of Patents and Registration (NBPR) in Finland have jointly studied the overlapping of research and development activities and the supply, utilization and impacts of patent and market information. Finnish SMEs do hardly utilize patent and market information, and if they do, it is only sporadically. Utilizing the existing information already available will help in avoiding unnecessary overlapping work and in focusing resources.

The results of the study are published as VTT Research Notes 2484, Acquisition, Utilization and the Impact of Patent and Market Information on Innovation Activities. The project group also introduces recommendations on how to systematically improve the supply, utilization and dissemination of information in innovation processes.

Data Mining Tools for Technology and Competitive Intelligence

Patent documents are an extremely valuable source of technical, scientific and business information. They reveal a competitor's strengths and strategies and their key business areas, also geographically.

There are more than 60 million patent applications in electronic format. It would be impossible to find and analyze relevant documents manually. New solutions and data-ming tools are being launched to visualize the data in patent documents in a user-friendly way which makes it easy to understand and compare the data.

VTT's Knowledge Solutions has tested and compared four practical and efficient data-mining tools for analyzing and visualizing patent data to support research, development and business. These tools were tested with two case studies. The results are published in VTT Tiedotteita - Research Notes,  Data Mining Tools for Technology and Competitive Intelligence. The conclusions include a summary of the features of each tool in order to make it easier to evaluate them for the specific needs of the the user. 

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Team Leader, Strategic information analysis
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