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Information services

From information to innovation

Those who are able to adopt and combine existing information and create new information more efficiently will succeed in the competitive environment.

VTT's Knowledge Solutions expertise has been integrated into VTT's services to offer additional value for VTT's customers. We assist in improving the pertinence, quality and speed of research and innovation activities.

See "Utilizing information in the innovation process".

We have proven know-how and expertise in processing, analyzing and utilizing international scientific-technological, patent, and market information.

VTT's Knowledge Solutions is the Finnish representative of the STN information retrieval system. STN (the Scientific and Technical Information Network) is the leading global patent and technology information retrieval system.

Our responsibilities include maintaining and updating VTT's Publications and Research Registers.

Our solutions

Additional information

Kirsi Tuominen
Manager, Knowledge Solutions
+358 20 722 4370