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Patent landscapes and surveys

Technology development trends and actual company strategies can first be only seen in patent applications. According to a survey done by the European Patent Office, 80% of all technical-scientific information is available only in patent publications. This is why patent publications are an important tool also for those not planning to patent themselves.

VTT's Knowledge Solutions has expertise of international level in refining and analyzing patent information. All our analysts have a Master's degree in a field of technology and have gone through extensive training regarding patents. 

Riitta Housh, tel. 020 722 4381 chemistry, materials
Marja Kettunen, tel. 020 722 4392 chemistry
Riitta Metsäkoivu, tel. 020 722 electronics, ICT
Anu Saloheimo, tel. 020 722 4434 biotechnology
Minna Suovirta, tel. 020 722 5916 software, ICT
Pertti Vastamäki, tel. 020 722 5374 chemistry, materials

Our services

Survey of the current technology (state-of-the-art)

In the beginning of an R&D project, it is important to investigate the existing level of technology by searching patents and technical-scientific publications.

Novelty search

Before starting a patenting procedure, it is worthwhile ensuring that the invention is new by studying the prior-art technologies close to the invention. This way, you will be able to draw up a good patent application and to avoid unnecessary work and costs.

Freedom to Operate search

A Freedom to Operate search ensures that utilisation of the developed technology will not infringe the patent rights of others. It is needed especially when commercialising technology, before starting exports, and when establishing a spin-off company.

Search for new prior-art for making an opposition and for litigation of a granted patent (validity search)

A patent can be revoked even after it has been granted, provided that new publications - not found during the patent office’s examinations - appear showing that the invention is not novel. We search for such publications among patents and other literature.

Patent landscape (map) – analysis and visualisation of patenting

Patent landscape gives an overview about patenting activities in a specific technology area or of a specific company or organization. The landscape assists in navigating in the technology field

  • by showing the main players and what kind of technologies they have developed
  • by comparing patent portfolios
  • by showing R&D trends
  • by locating potential co-operation partners for further development or licensing.

Additional information

Timo Kopranen
Team Leader, Strategic information analysis
+358 20 722 4368