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STN International

STN (The Scientific & Technical Information Network) is the leading international information retrieval system in patents and technology. It is your connection to the world's most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of databases on science and technology, including patent databases. STN has excellent tools for searching, combining, analyzing and reporting, incl. the text-mining tool STN AnaVist.

STN information sources are actively used by research-intensive Finnish companies in high technology. The users include research and development professionals, information specialists and patent experts.

STN International is operated jointly by the American Chemical Society (CAS) and Fachinformationszentrum (FIZ) Karlsruhe worldwide, and is represented in Japan by JAICI.

VTT acts as STN agency in Finland, giving training and support to Finnish users of STN. You can order all searches and surveys also via us. Please, familiarize yourself with our services.

STN guides in Finnish

STN training at VTT

STN interfaces

STN Express is a software package which supports all steps of your information research. It has versatile searching features, analyzing tools, report templates, alerts and structure and sequence searches.

STN AnaVist is an interactive tool for analyzing and visualizing infromation, with a patent map (text-mining) and plenty of other features, technology leaders, sub-fields and development trends also about large volumes of data.

STN Viewer is a tool which helps in reading the full-texts of patent documents.

STN on the Web and STN Easy also give access to STN databases.
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STN material

STN in English

Examples of patent analyses

STN contact persons at VTT's Knowledge Solutions

Riitta Housh (left), chief patent analyst, tel. 020 722 4381

Riitta Metsäkoivu (right), information analyst, tel. 020 722 4372

Additional information

Contact persons, cf. text

Additional information

Contact persons, cf. text

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