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Lighting technologies

VTT’s LED lighting technology solutions and development services cover optics, thermal management, and novel packaging and manufacturing solutions for optimised light engines--as well as technologies needed for wireless interfacing and smart controls. Our main clients include LED lighting technology providers together with lamp / fixture manufacturers and end users.



Because our expertise covers a wide area, from material and process technologies to electronics and ICT, VTT is ideally equipped to develop new, optimised and smart lighting technologies for the future. Our areas of research include optimised LED modules and light engines, smart adjustable and cognitive lighting technologies, and new forms of lighting, such as printable OLED technologies and embedded LED lighting solutions.

Led module technology

VTT offers design, prototyping, characterizing and testing expertise for LED module packaging, and light engine / fixture integration.

Our photonics research covers a high variety of applications, from the most demanding of space and military applications to low cost printable electronics. We put this wide range of experience to use in developing novel solutions for next generation LED lighting.  

The core know-how of LED module technology at VTT centres on module reliability, thermal management, interconnection solutions and optics. VTT has also developed novel ways of integrating and embedding LED light sources in 2D and 3D geometries in metal, ceramics and plastics to optimise the performance and increase the freedom of the design of new luminaires and light engines.


Thermal management

VTT provides thermal design and characterization services for electronic modules--simulations that aid in proving and optimizing designs before any prototype is built. Our high-end thermal characterization environment allows us to accurately validate semiconductor chip junction temperatures and analyse the thermal and optical properties of measured structures and devices. We have also successfully applied additive manufacturing techniques to develop novel thermally optimal interconnect solutions for LED lighting.

Lighting optics & beam control

Optical design is one of the major areas of VTT Sensing solutions’ expertise. We have over 20 years of experience in designing both imaging and non-imaging (illuminating and collection) optics for optical instruments, which we put to use for lighting optics design and prototyping. We regularly design for micro and macro-scale features, light guides, free form and scattering surfaces.

We also design for manufacturing (DFM) using, for example, moulding and roll-to-roll replication techniques that permit us to reach the optimal beam shape within the optimal form factor and at an optimal price.