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Information management

Pull full value from your information

We develop ICT solutions which improve cost efficiency, user friendliness and productivity of our customers in machine and vehicle industries. Through ICT, we help develop new product features and create whole new exciting service concepts and machines. VTT’s solutions help information to flow seamlessly in your organization and its global networks, creating whole new product development and business opportunities.

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Pirkka Tukeva
Key Account Manager
+358 40 542 9791

Information integration and system interoperability development

Efficient information management is critical for improved business agility. To create this efficiency, information systems must be able to communicate with each other. This requires seamless interoperability of systems and information. Usually information is stored into different databases, locations and systems, and the whole picture of information assets is hard to formulate. VTT offers practical methods for information integration. We help develop information structures and interoperability that increase agility and flexibility and streamline business processes. When information is easier to access, it can be used to create entirely new business opportunities.

Global connectivity solutions for equipment

When industrial machinery is connected globally it brings greater control, process transparency and efficiency. Reliable and secure communication technologies form the basis for connecting systems around the world, and VTT’s long-term experience in the area can help you bring efficiencies to your operation. Our network technologies and local sensor and actuator network experience, along with state-of-the-art research facilities, form a good starting point for top solution development. We architect networks from a minimal point-to-point connection up to robust global information systems. We have tailored implementations, for example, for fleet management, remote diagnostics and digital process information transfer purposes.

Mobile solutions for field work

Supporting offsite personnel with mobile solutions strengthens operations and adds tremendous efficiency. One of the main benefits is real time fieldwork information management. VTT provides solutions for unplugging fieldwork bottlenecks. These can include guiding mobile workers remotely, or delivering work orders and maintenance histories or safety information to personnel in the field.

Solutions for information security

In the vehicle and machine production industries, information security is essential. VTT’s robust security mechanisms and mitigation methods can help minimize the risks of communication disruption, modification of control data and more. These include, for example, hardening, access control, and security analysis of system architectures, software platforms and data communication. In addition to system analysis and remediation of ICT solutions and platforms, VTT can also help create or revise guidelines for best practices and help you plan for future development of your information security systems.