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Operation and maintenance

Achieve a whole new level of fleet operation

VTT operation and maintenance solutions deliver trouble-free, predictable fleet operation. Our smart solutions optimize safe fleet operation and maintenance, and constitute new competitive service business models for your knowledge-intensive services. Thanks to our significant experience and deep knowledge in this area, we are able to optimize the total operating performance of your fleet. We can also minimize your maintenance time with fast failure identification and recovery.

Our services

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Principal Scientist
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Key Account Manager
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Key Account Manager
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Maintenance strategy development

VTT supports the development of cost-effective fleet maintenance strategies using a risk and opportunity management methodology. This includes, for example, failure analysis, life-cycle cost and profit modeling, and a reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) approach. Our analysis and modeling-based methodology together allow us to support clients in strategic decision-making and uncertainty management.

Lifetime optimization

In dynamic business environments, the length of time that a product is economically viable may differ from its technical lifetime. That’s an important consideration during the R&D design phase, since it’s when major decisions regarding product or production facility cost structure are made. VTT’s expertise in this area extends to lifetime modeling, cost-benefit or life cycle cost and profit models, and associated tools. Optimization of product or production asset lifetimes calls for a deep understanding of the business environment, economic constraints as well as relevant technical issues like degradation, wear and corrosion. Our lifetime optimization models are also used in capital-intensive industries to evaluate investment options and maintenance strategies, with a view to optimizing solutions for the prevailing business environment.

Intelligent monitoring and diagnostics

Customers rely on VTT’s intelligent monitoring and diagnostics abilities to significantly increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and to develop sustainable production technologies in concert with condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategies. Whether it’s a single machine or service business platform for an entire product family, we are able to increase your equipment effectiveness. We also offer the opportunity to put diagnostics data to use in creating new methods, products and services. In addition to consulting in this field, VTT actively develops related technologies such as intelligent monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics solutions for the manufacturing, mobile machinery, process, and energy production industries. We have deep knowledge in many related areas, including sensor development, condition monitoring, signal analysis, data management, diagnostics, prognostics, and maintenance definition needs.

Technical verification during maritime commissioning

VTT’s lengthy experience in maritime research and technical verification enables us to identify any deficiencies during ship commissioning. Our services cover full-scale verification of performance in sea trials to ensure the safety of large ships and smaller boats.

Troubleshooting and failure analysis

VTT’s deep experience in machine and vehicle troubleshooting enables us to reduce our customers' maintenance times through fast failure identification and recovery. A strong understanding of physical phenomena and a wide range of product expertise, together with expert resources, provide a solid base for screening issues and helping to address maintenance and repair options. Typical fleet issue analysis includes, as examples, damage assessments involving fatigue, overload, corrosion, vibration levels and foreign particle analysis. The results of analyses help customers to make informed decisions by identifying issues as individual occurrences, or as those that have the potential to impact the entire fleet.

Solutions based on ICT technologies

Please see our pages on ICT for machines and vehicles for a wide range of ICT maintenance and operations solutions, such as information integration and system interoperability development, global connectivity solutions for equipment, mobile solutions for fieldwork and solutions for information security.