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Product development

Make a quantum leap in products and concepts

VTT helps customers to achieve a competitive advantage through the creation of the most highly desired products. In collaboration with you we can develop and implement radical, innovative concepts that combine leading edge technologies, such as new materials and the latest sensor and ICT technologies. We have improved energy efficiency, performance, reliability and user experience of our customers’ products, while decreasing environmental impacts. New machine and vehicle concepts and solutions are based on our strong understanding of physical phenomena and product expertise. Because we have helped to develop and troubleshoot a wide range of products, chances are high that we have expertise in your area. All new product development is performed with modern design tools and methods, leveraging our multi-disciplinary knowledge and user-centric design.

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Tero Kiviniemi
Key Account Manager
+358 50 348 7894

Pertti Peussa
Principal Scientist
+358 40 501 5819

Life cycle and performance optimization

Let us help you to increase energy efficiency and optimal performance while decreasing environmental impacts. VTT helps clients achieve peak performance through the optimisation of machines for work processes. This includes solutions for embedded systems, autonomous functions and environment monitoring. We also look for opportunities to reduce energy consumption and emissions throughout the design process. We conduct environmental impact assessments that take entire product life cycles into account. Special areas of our expertise include life cycle assessment (LCA) and the environmental impacts of new products, materials and technologies.

Design for reliability and safety

At VTT, we help customers make their products as reliable and safe as is practical. By marrying a systematic and analytical approach with the rest of the product development process, including both mechanical and software issues, we shape the development process to result in products that are safe, reliable and efficient. Designing for safety and reliability involves requirement management, a system-level perspective and significant machine safety experience. Naturally we utilize engineering and management tools to identify, analyze and manage reliability and hazards. We also rely on methods and software algorithms for predictive condition monitoring and diagnostics. When required, we also apply methodologies originally developed for nuclear systems.

Design for user experience

VTT helps clients evaluate the usability of complex products and applications under development. Knowing how users will feel about their interactions with products and machines is critical, as a truly appealing end-user experience forms part of every successful product and service. Our multi-disciplinary research approach combines competences from psychology, cognitive engineering and engineering design to integrate the user experience with the product design process. VTT's Human-Machine Systems knowledge helps our customers also to develop safe and efficient industrial systems and workplaces.

Automation and smart solution development

You can reach higher levels of machine and vehicle ecology, efficiency, safety and maintenance with smart machines and solutions. VTT has developed R&D methods and tools for requirement management and verification of control systems, even those for demanding nuclear applications. We also develop control and sensing systems for unmanned ground vehicles, including obstacle avoidance and other autonomous functions. Wireless communication, positioning technology, driving style and drowsiness monitoring technology combine to create new safety features for vehicles, and smart wireless sensors powered by, for example, machine vibrations enable battery-free operation. VTT has also developed methods and software for passive and active vibration and noise control, as well as predictive condition monitoring and machine diagnostics.

Virtual prototyping

The fastest, most efficient way to design a new product or service is to make the right decisions from the very beginning. Modeling and simulation are two ways that we help clients make smart choices from the start of the R&D process. Virtual prototyping in the early design concept phases of product development can significantly reduce design costs and time to market by revealing trivial errors immediately and by eliminating prototype and pilot stages. With the help of virtual prototyping, we can analyze and develop different subsystems simultaneously with multi-physics computations. Read more about our services for modern R&D processes on our product development process pages.