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Product development process

Double the speed of development processes

At VTT, more than 100 experts are engaged in developing new R&D process methods for industries that produce mechanical devices. We enhance our customers’ ability to modernize and accelerate product development processes through advanced knowledge stemming from many disciplines. VTT’s experts take many things into account when embarking on the product development process, including product technology, materials, manufacturing methods, sustainability and human resources. Our ultimate vision is to fulfil customer needs in new product development through the provision of simulation-based product life-cycle process.

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Pekka Koskinen
Key Account Manager
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Virtual design and prototyping platform development

VTT’s platform solutions aim to connect companies’ product development processes seamlessly with production methods and the whole life cycle of products, enabling seamless information flow between different systems. We develop high-level application platforms on which different prototyping and simulation tools can easily be integrated to cover the company's entire design process. Platform development is based on Systems Engineering principles, requirements and knowledge management. Development involves user-centric design and virtual prototyping.

Simulation and modeling

VTT’s virtual prototyping solutions significantly reduce design costs and time to market. We make this possible by instituting agile processes that eliminate both prototype and pilot stages. With advanced prototyping solutions, trivial design errors are immediately revealed, enabling you to design complex products that fulfil requirements with speed and confidence. We have significant experience in modeling, simulation and virtual prototyping within the R&D design process. This experience, together with a deep understanding of the physical aspects of complex multi-domain systems, enables us to simulate mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other complex systems. Within the models VTT develops, we are able to control and manage fluid dynamics, measure and control vibration, and test the strength and durability of components and structures.

Renewal of working methods

When change is a constant, employee competences and working methods need to be continuously developed. VTT helps you through transitions in new product development processes with new ways of working that support productivity, safety and wellbeing within your organization. Our solutions enhance constant renewal and support sustainable process development by utilizing, for example, new models and methods for product and service development, analyses of barriers and prerequisites for change practices, and methods to ensure organization-wide adoption of new technologies. We tailor our solutions for each customer by drawing on our deep resources in behavioural sciences, business economics and industrial management.

Resources and facilities for cutting-edge design, testing and verification

One important benefit of working with VTT is gaining access to our unique, cutting edge research facilities. We use state-of-the-art software tools for virtual prototyping, including tools for finite element method (FEM), multibody system simulation (MBS), and simulation of hydraulic and generic systems. Our SIMANTICS simulation platform enables integration of multi-domain systems, while user-centric design sessions are arranged in our Virtual Laboratory. New methods like remote operation can be tested in our remote operation and virtual reality (ROViR) Centre, and in the near future our User Experience Simulator will further enhance the services we offer.