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Supply chain

Revolutionize production

Are you aiming for significant cost reductions and shorter lead times in production? Let us help you. Thanks to our deep production process knowledge, VTT’s approach to production and manufacturing development is extremely diversified and analytical. Our knowhow includes the conception and production of networked manufacturing systems, plant design and automated production. Customers find that our insightful application of modern production methods, especially those involving the latest ICT solutions in combination with our ability to solve complex supply chain issues, delivers excellent results.

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Paavo Voho
Principal Scientist
+358 40 501 5096

Supply chain strategy, operations models and solutions

In the future, the competitive advantage of manufacturers will lie in the strategic renewal of value networks. With our skills in business modeling, process development, cost accounting, project management and benefit sharing, VTT supports companies and business networks in defining and implementing new strategies and in conceiving innovative supply and value network operation models.

Production process analysis, simulation and ICT development

In planning and testing production processes, VTT always aims for a major reduction in lead times. Our experience with the latest production systems covers everything from the modeling and simulation of production systems to production analysis, prediction, testing and real-time global production optimization, development of automation concepts and production feasibility studies. VTT’s proven ability to solve multidisciplinary, cross-functional challenges has led to unique and radical improvements in our customers’ production. One way that our customers gain a strategic competitive edge with VTT is that the advanced production process development tools and technologies we use in high-end ‘Individualized Production’ processes are very difficult to copy.

Flexible production line and automation design

VTT has pioneered many production system concepts and advanced automation solutions, resulting in significant production improvements for our customers. Our target with automated systems is to apply automation to small series, short batch production and to increase the flexibility of customers’ automated production systems. This involves an optimal combination of electronics, information technology and mechanics, and necessitates the utilization of intelligent production devices, advanced robot and sensor technology and modularization. One great benefit to customers is our Production Lab: a multi-technological test and development environment for the implementation of the newest flexible manufacturing and production technology, as well as automation design.

Optimal manufacturing method development

We consider a broad range of manufacturing methods when formulating you the most efficient, effective way to produce a new product. By utilizing our own simulation and prototyping equipment and by leveraging an extensive collaboration network, we can produce sophisticated prototype components for production and costing. VTT also focuses on special methods of production, such as those based on powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing and direct write for adding component functionality. A particular area of focus is producing materials and components for use in extremely demanding environments.