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Machine, vehicle and metal industry

VTT is a partner for major global machine and vehicle industry actors and national SMEs regarding technology foresight, applied R&D, production and operation. The aim is to improve performance, energy efficiency, sustainable solutions, safety and reliability. Our competent staff, first class facilities and research networks ensure good results. In addition to commissioned work, we perform our own long-term research to develop our knowledge for future needs. VTT is active in EU-research programmes.

We support our customers R&D, design and production processes with simulation, development of new materials and light structures and structural strength management. Peak performance is reached by our solutions for embedded intelligence, autonomous functions and environment monitoring. Human technology interaction methods are applied for design processes and comfort is increased through noise and vibration management.

Energy efficiency and environmental impacts are top priorities in our research work. Condition monitoring, damage analysis and service data management over the life cycle are our tools for reliable performance and accordingly our service business. Our most important testing methods are accredited.

Production, especially in a network environment and manufacturing methods are also our competence areas.

Technologies and competences