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Railway vehicles

Minimising energy consumption in passenger traffic and maximising payloads in commercial transportation can be realised by lightening railroad vehicles. VTT has very strong competence in optimising the structures and materials of vehicles. Using optimised solutions, lightening can be achieved without compromising strength and durability. VTT also has strong competence in manufacturing technologies. This ensures effectiveness and competitiveness in production.

The life cycle of railroad vehicles can be ensured with VTT’s competence in field measurements and testing. Loads in real operational conditions can be measured for use as input data in the design phase. The durability testing of components and structures ensures that targeted life cycle can be achieved without problems. The monitoring and diagnostics of railroad vehicles can be done using our competence in sensor technology and data mining.

Comfort in cabins is one of the key assets. Noise and vibration levels in cabins can be reduced with VTT’s competence in noise and vibration control. Anti draught ventilation ensures comfortable heat distribution. Clean air in cabins can be achieved with air filtering solutions by VTT.

VTT’s competence in mobile information technology makes it possible to offer several services to passengers. This same competence can be used in communication between railroad vehicles and infrastructure.

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