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Working machines and industrial vehicles

Low energy consumption and low emissions are drivers in modern machine design. Alternative energy sources will be required in the future. The structures and materials used must be sustainable.

Growing social pressure has made minimising a machine’s ecological footprint the central element in its design.

Maximum earning capacity requires that machines and industrial vehicles have more efficiency, improved availability and durability, as well as lower maintenance costs. The revenue during the machine or vehicle’s entire life time is increased by maximising machine availability and minimising maintenance costs.

Selling machines is no longer the way to increase profit. This new approach means solutions and new business models which lead to increasing revenue and earnings must be developed.

We carry out research, product planning and consultation related to industrial vehicle design, production and monitoring during use. Our services include concept planning of new solutions, modelling and simulation to produce performance in product properties and demanding tests to verify product property performance.

We offer services for fast-paced delivery projects or long-term development projects and efficiently apply and combine our expertise in customer projects. We help our customers to utilise the latest technology in the best possible way.

We offer expertise in the following areas, with a special focus on the industrial vehicle industry:

  • Development and use of new materials
  • Dynamics, NVH, durability and condition monitoring
  • Information, communication and control technology
  • Autonomous operation, perception of environment and positioning
  • Ergonomics, human–technology interaction
  • Active suspension, vibration and noise management, ergonomics, material questions
  • Energy use and environmental effects
  • Heat transfer and ventilation technologies
  • Safety and risk management
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Accredited testing services
  • Design of diagnostic functions and safety of control systems

Additional information

Pertti Peussa
Principal Scientist
+358 20 722 3601

Additional information

Pertti Peussa
Principal Scientist
+358 20 722 3601