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New materials and procucts

More efficient, cost-effective and sustainable materials and procucts

When you want to sharpen your competitiveness, turn to VTT for support in product and material development. Whether your focus is on developing new products from existing technologies, materials or processes—or breaking new ground—VTT is the right partner for the job. Our experts draw on deep cross-disciplinary knowledge to customize a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

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Outi Härkki
Key Account Manager
+358 40 164 7647


VTT has developed bio-based and biodegradable adhesives with proven performance for packaging, wood products and other applications. We have developed adhesive technologies for water-based dispersions and high solid content solutions, thermoplastic hot-melts and formaldehyde-free thermoset adhesives. Our success with adhesives is based on more than 15 years’ experience in developing many types of biopolymers and the technologies required to modify them.

Bio-based dispersions

Bio-based water dispersions and lattices are promising technologies in search of more sustainable materials. VTT has the know-how and technological prowess to formulate water-born dispersions from hydrophobic derivatives of various natural polymers, bio-polyesters and natural oil/fat-based derivatives. This knowledge of materials, in combination with our application development expertise, provides a solid basis for new, sustainable coating and binding solutions.


If you are looking for new, sustainable bioplastics materials, VTT can help. We prepare new thermoplastic or thermoset polymeric materials through the chemical modification of natural polymers and the polymerisation of bio-based monomers. VTT can also tailor biopolymer properties through polymer blending, fibre/filler compounding and reactive extrusion. Our material development is supported by high-level processing and converting knowledge, including advanced tools and techniques for foaming.

Light weight composites

Composites with natural fibre reinforcement are quickly becoming a reality in various applications. Combining wood and other natural fibres with polymers and plastic processing technologies offers exciting new market opportunities for bio-composites as well as for natural fibre composites based on wood fibres or agro-fibres.
Target application areas: • Packaging • Building and construction • Transportation and automotive • Agro- and horticulture • Consumer products (tableware, furniture, toys, sportswear etc.)

Functional coatings

VTT´s surface team has extensive expertise in surface treatment, thin coating, functionalisation and characterization of surface materials. We work on innovating new surface coating properties that will add value to customers’ products, and we also help to integrate coating processes into customers’ production lines and/or end-use positions.