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Sustainability from chemistry

VTT develops industrial solutions for the chemical and related industries in the field of chemicals, polymers and materials covering activities from raw materials to end products. A special focus is on developing sustainable industrial solutions applying green chemistry technologies and advanced physical and chemical methods for the development of new process concepts and for the safe management of chemicals and chemical products. By combining VTT´s cross-technology competencies, we can provide innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Key chemistry activities are:

  • Organic synthesis, catalysis and catalytic processes
  • Polymer chemistry, including modification and applications of biopolymers, natural and specialty polymers
  • Modelling and simulation of chemical processes
  • Scale-up, piloting and process development
  • Material processing and characterization

Our targets are typically entirely new products and process innovations. We offer expert services on the synthesis of specialty chemicals and polymers, biopolymers and value-added compounds from renewable resources. Our key challenge is to develop functional characteristics of materials utilizing the new opportunities of nano-technology, green chemistry and combined chemo-enzymatic techniques. Our versatile pilot facilities offer custom manufacture at a pre-commercial scale and a possibility to scale-up chemical processes. Research and development of new products and applications are carried out in cooperation with our clients in the chemicals, pulp and paper sectors and food industries.

Additional information

Juha Hakala
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 5756