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Environment technology – Green solutions

VTT is an expert on diverse environmental technologies. In the field of the environment, we offer our customers research and development services ranging from processing, measuring and assessment technologies to the development of clean technologies and products. Our main areas of expertise include the efficient recycling of resources, water treatment, emission control, the monitoring and control technologies to support these, as well as the management of the entire data processing chain.

The close integration across VTT's diverse technological fields of expertise, as well as our strong domestic and international networks, enable us to offer our clients completely new kinds of environmental technology solutions. Examples of these include environmental applications of ICT as well as biotechnologies and material technology.

Understanding the needs and business environments of various industrial sectors is one of our particular strengths. Due to the current advanced integration of waste and water management as well as emission control with the energy and material production chains, this is now more important than ever. We also offer consulting services for industries and authorities.

Sustainable use of natural resources and the minimisation of environmental effects are self-evident objectives in all our research and development efforts.

Additional information

Esa Mäkelä
Customer Manager
+358 20 722 5310

Rainer Raitasuo
Business Manager
+358 20 722 5956