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Packaging and converting

VTT's solid expertise covers surface treatment, printing, material development and packaging technologies. Expertise in materials and processes, as well as applying new technology in innovative products and applications, enhances the competitive edge for our customers, while the integration of competencies enables new product concepts. Understanding of end-user benefits and requirements of the packaging value chain are the basis for successful developments. Application areas include fiber-based or (bio)plastic consumer packed goods for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

In its research, VTT emphasises the functional characteristics of materials, the sustainable use of natural resources, a clean environment and saving materials. We direct our research while keeping in mind the needs of all industrial actors, from raw material manufacturers to product manufacturers.

In coating research, VTT is focusing on novel methods and material applications. We are experienced in the modification and functionalising of natural polymers. Biopolymers can be formulated into glues, coatings, pigments and extruded into injection-moulded materials. VTT also offers expert services on the synthesis of speciality polymers. Intelligent (electrical, chemical or biochemical) functionalities can be incorporated into material, e.g. by printing, and can be connected to optical or electrical reader interfaces - e.g. for anti-counterfeit and brand enhancement applications.

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Key Account Manager
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