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Metal industry

VTT has worked with the steel industry for decades. Tasks related to the steel manufacturing process are divided to two main categories: monitoring the process itself and monitoring product quality. Other important steel industry research work at VTT includes the study of joining ultra high strength steels and metallurgy of heat affected zone (HAZ)

Monitoring of quality is based on a laser beam system which can measure surface quality accurately and detect possible surface defects. Process monitoring is used to improve pass schedule calculations by solving the required process parameters. Processibility of the new steel grades can be predicted more accurately by utilising monitoring results of the material flow stress curves. More accurate prediction speeds up, for example, the development work of new steel products and shortens the time from enquiry to trial and further on to the customer delivery. Also, dimensional ranges can be extended using more exact process parameters defined by the analysis system. 

Risk control and asset management are also tasks which VTT offers to steel industry.

Additional information

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Principal Scientist
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