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Scale-up renewable concepts

Testing and piloting facilities at your service

When you’re looking for an innovation partner to help develop sustainable processes and products, VTT’s expertise and infrastructure are at your service. Our cutting-edge knowledge covers process chemistry and extends to the development of process concepts, as well as the development of enzymes and whole cell catalysts for biotechnological unit operations. We can develop and test processes important to your business in the laboratory, and scale them up in process chemistry and fermentation pilots.

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Mika Härkönen
Principal Scientist
+358 40 083 9577

Biomass conversion concepts 

VTT’s expertise covers the whole innovation chain—from biomass feed stocks to bio-products. This includes biomass supply, pre-treatment and hydrolysis technologies, fractionation, chemical and biotechnological conversion technologies and product recovery, application testing and techno-economical and life cycle assessment. One emphasis is on the use of second-generation lignocellulosic raw materials that do not interfere with the farm-to-fork food chain. Specifically, we are developing concepts for sugar, lignin and lipid.

Performing chemicals and intermediates

VTT develops biomass-based technology for the drop-in replacement of existing platform chemicals. We are also developing novel functional, bio-based chemicals and intermediates through the use of chemical conversion and tailored microbial cell factories. Chemicals and intermediates can be further modified, polymerized and tested for various products and applications.

Polymerization and polymer tailoring

Chemical and enzymatic modification of natural polymers is one of VTT’s main focuses. We also have broad expertise in polymerisation of bio-based monomers. Our experience in developing cost-effective, industrially viable materials covers many application areas—from packaging materials to chemicals for water treatment. We are also expert in tailoring specialty polymers.

Piloting and pre-commercial production

VTT develops industrial solutions for the chemical and related industries in the fields of chemicals, polymers, and biotechnology. Our piloting services can test the viability of a new product or service by simulating real life conditions within a unique combination of larger scale, multi-purpose reactors, fermenters and downstream processing units. Our pilot services run the gamut from raw materials to end products. Services include scale-up support and test material production, but also custom manufacturing of special products.