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Resource management

Save the globe with intelligent resource usage

The human race is facing global challenges regarding the availability of critical resources, the most crucial of which are those associated with energy, water and waste management. Moving towards sustainable production goes hand-in-hand with intelligent resource utilization. VTT is rising to the challenge by aligning our research services with this new focus on resource management.

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Manager, Business Development
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Key Account Manager
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Evaluating new materials

Making efficient use of the resources involved in a product’s entire value chain involves both the development of reusable materials and improved recycling processes. VTT’s multi-technological competence base is helping to boost resource efficiency for many companies. We see great potential to improve recyclability though the use of safe raw materials, modular solutions and automatic material handling.

Lean processes

VTT helps process industry players, technology providers and consultants understand the overall implications of increased efficiency. This background knowledge is essential in estimating the financial and ecological benefits of solutions, be they improved energy integration, more efficient operations or the implementation of new process or energy technologies.

Waste treatment and processing

VTT develops resource-efficient waste and water technologies for all sectors of the waste management chain. As examples, we are developing advanced technologies for the recycling and recovery of municipal and industrial waste; new methods of waste refinement; and safe disposal techniques. At VTT, laboratory-scale research combines with sound environmental assessment methodology to form a strong basis for developing optimal waste management solutions.

Water reuse and purification

Water scarcity is a global challenge that we must meet with innovative reuse and purification technologies. Our research in this field is focused on the most immediate challenges, including the development of membrane technologies, sludge processing, microchemistry and environmental intelligence.