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Roll-to-roll processing

Making mass volume production a reality

The new Printed Intelligence involves materials, printing processes, components, expertise, and strong innovation and investment – all VTT core strengths. Drawing upon its extensive experience and research, VTT continues to develop new pilot production facilities for printed intelligence.

R2R pilot production environment

VTT offers a unique roll-to-roll (R2R) pilot manufacturing service for Printed Intelligence processes. VTT currently has three R2R pilot printing machines, the R2R inert atmosphere printing machine, an R2R after-treatment machine, and a newly installed picosecond R2R laser processing facility. VTT is also establishing a PrintoCent pilot production facility in its Oulu premises during 2011 and 2012. With this unique piloting environment, VTT and its partners are able to develop and manufacture prototypes on an industrial scale.

Special processes for different applications

Holographics on packaging provide dynamic effects that liven up graphics and increase attractiveness. VTT produces ecological holograms through a process called hot embossing. In this process, a heated tool is pressed onto the surface of the substrate. The nanoscale patterns on the surface of the tool are copied onto the surface of the substrate by applying heat and pressure.

Rapid curing technologies

VTT has developed novel rapid curing processes for electrical sintering of conductor grids on a range of optoelectronic devices such as photovoltaic (PV) cells, solid-state lighting and displays. Noncontact electrical sintering offers great potential as a compact and efficient process for easy integration with roll-to-roll production techniques. The goal is ultimately to develop a viable alternative to traditional thermal sintering techniques.

Roll-to-Roll processing technologies available at VTT


  • gravure and reverse gravure for thin films in OPVs, and OLED, among others
  • flexography printing for conductors
  • screen printing for the insulating layers of conductors
  • roll-to-roll printing (gravure and screen) in a nitrogen atmosphere
  • high precision ink-jet.

laser processing:

  • ablation for film removal
  • cutting
  • sintering

other processes available:

  • lift-off for patterning vacuum-deposited metals
  • R2R vacuum deposition
  • etching (direct gel etching or using printed resist patterning)
  • rapid electrical sintering.