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Health and well-being

The challenges facing local authorities, joint authorities and customers in the health and well-being sector are complex and often require wide-ranging expertise. The rapid ageing of the population, the strain on government finance, the structural changes introduced to cooperative models in the local government sector, and the new opportunities of organising services all combine to create inevitable pressure to rethink earlier approaches.

Over the years, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has accumulated a wealth of expertise in the development of health and well-being services. VTT's wide-ranging expertise and its strong role on the cutting edge of innovation development pave the way for new initiatives in organising local authority services.

VTT has expertise that combines social services and healthcare know-how and new approaches and operating models. VTT is also able to transfer the expertise that it has accumulated through extensive development collaborations within the industrial and business sectors into projects in the well-being sector.

VTT's strengths lie in the design of services and service systems in particular, as well as in technological applications, information and communication technology, and innovation development. VTT pools together its knowledge of different sectors to benefit collaborations with clients, and approaches challenges from new directions.

VTT engages in extensive worldwide cooperation, and its international networks make the latest know-how available for Finnish clients to try out and adopt ahead of the trend.

Examples of our research and development services:

  • Follow-up and planning tools for managing and steering health and well-being and for quality control
  • Development of remote and electronic services
  • Development of new service models
  • Modelling and simulation of alternative operating methods
  • Development of the purchaser-provider model
  • Implementation of the welfare mix: Services offered by the public sector, the private sector and the third sector
  • Investigating opportunities for contracting and outsourcing
  • Efficiency analyses
  • Service logistics and automation solutions
  • Cost structure analyses and comparisons
  • Identification of operational risks and the promotion of safety
  • Factoring a customer-orientated approach into service provisions
  • Organising brainstorming sessions with clients


Philips Applied Technologies and VTT have launched a joint venture called InnoHub, which is aimed at helping businesses to innovate new healthcare, well-being and lifestyle products.

The City of Kouvola revamps its social services and healthcare provision

VTT has joined forces with Attendo MedOne Oy to design a new centralised planning, management and follow-up system for the social services and healthcare sector in the City of Kouvola. A new ICT-based welfare mix concept, or a purchaser-provider model, will be developed at the same time, which will enable the City of Kouvola to contract services more efficiently than before and to exercise stricter quality control. The partners will also develop electronic services for the customers of the social services and healthcare sector in Kouvola.

Additional information

Harri Airaksinen
Vice President
+358 20 722 3020

Additional information

Harri Airaksinen
Vice President
+358 20 722 3020

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