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Sensing solutions

With more than 100 experts applying their knowledge, VTT has one of the largest R&D programs for sensing solutions. We combine expertise in measurement technologies with application knowledge and engineering skills to create innovative solutions for client needs. VTT offers extensive, multi-disciplinary service surrounding optical, electrical, biological and molecular sensing methods.

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Mikko Juuti
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 2144

Optical measurement systems

VTT optical measurement systems consist of solutions based on spectroscopy and machine vision technologies. Our optical analysers and methods are currently in use in very demanding industrial applications. VTT has also a long tradition of camera technology and machine vision-related measurement systems, which are used in high-speed industrial applications.

Optical sensors

VTT develops new sensor technology platforms based on miniaturised Fabry-Perot interferometers, LEDs and special sensor technologies. These are used for process, automotive, consumer and biological security and safety applications.

Lighting technologies

VTT provides novel technology solutions and development services for LED lighting. Our expertise covers optics, thermal management, and novel packaging and manufacturing solutions for optimised light engines, as well as technologies needed for wireless interfacing and smart control.


Quantum and superconductive sensing

VTT has developed quantum and superconducting sensors that deliver resolution not achievable by other means. These sensors play an important role in applications ranging from medical imaging to security, and safety and from space science to quantum electronics. Typical 'products' include magnetometers for detecting brain activity, detectors and instrumentation for Terahertz imaging, multiplexed cryogenic X-ray detector array readouts, and quantum limited amplifiers. These devices exploit phenomena such as superconducting transition and tunnel junctions, as well as the extensive micro- and nanofabcrication facilities of VTT.

RF Sensing solutions

VTT’s deep knowledge of radio frequency (RF) sensing solutions ranges from development of components, circuits and modules to sub-systems and systems. Our RF and millimetre wave solutions facilitate a wealth of applications, from low cost to high performance systems.


Molecular sensors and biosensors

VTT’s expertise in device physics, surface and synthetic chemistry, as well as sensor electronics and instrumentation provides a solid basis for the development of sensing