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Smart operations

Ensure and increase profitable production

Process industries make broad use of diagnostics, automation and process measurement. As these techniques become more sophisticated, profitable production becomes increasingly tied to our ability to monitor and control. VTT’s diagnostics services, together with deep process development knowledge and advanced solutions, ensure increased competitiveness in this complex area.

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Jani Kiuru
Key Account Manager
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Analytical services and troubleshooting

Continuous monitoring and analysis are a big part of keeping production profitable in complex chemical processes. Analytics are especially important when developing processes and diagnosing problems. VTT performs demanding standard testing and analyses, and we also bring our applied knowledge on process interactions to bear.

Measurement technologies

With automation increasingly taking the place of personnel in process industries, measurement and analysis must be performed more quickly and automatically. And as more control loops are built, continuous measurement becomes necessary to maintain control. At VTT we are continuously developing measurement technologies through MEMS, lab-on-a-chip, optical techniques and acoustic emission. A wide scope of technologies allows us to tailor the best solution for each practical measurement required.

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Process automation

One example of VTT’s process automation services is our use of computer technology and software engineering to increase operational efficiency in the chemical industry. We design control loops and automated control systems that facilitate a quick return to production. Our systems also help to optimise changes in production and increase operational production time.

Risk and asset management

Risk and asset management form the basis of seamless operation processes, business continuity, risk-conscious decision-making, and the proactive exploitation of opportunities. Thanks to our multi-technological risk management expertise, VTT improves companies´ capabilities to anticipate and manage risks brought about by emerging technologies, changing operating models, and a fluid business environment.