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Technology and business foresight

See the future

VTT’s technology and business foresight services give our customers the ability to manage future trends and challenges. Foresight studies provide the means to identify and be prepared for anticipated major changes in the operating environment and in technology development. In addition to enabling the discovery of new business potential, foresight work is also an essential part of strategic risk management.

VTT has the ability and expertise to offer multi-level foresight services for a variety of needs. The scope varies from limited trend definition to in-depth analysis of the future. The focus can be on a business unit, a company, a value network, or even an entire industrial cluster. We also provide future outlook for national and regional governments. Foresight services are always interactive and customer-specific, ensuring that the new knowledge created in the process can be used and exploited in the customer’s business in an effective manner.


  • Identify technological breakthroughs and new business potential
  • Ability to base strategic planning on long-term trends
  • Access to VTT’s broad technology expertise
  • Access to the latest knowledge at the global level through VTT’s extensive international networks and industry collaboration
  • Customer-oriented interactive process enables maximum exploitability of the results


  • Technology and business roadmaps
  • Scenarios
  • Strategic foresight for companies
  • Industry foresight
  • Regional technology foresight
  • Other foresight services

Additional information

Johanna Kohl
Research Team Leader
+358 20 722 4549

Additional information

Johanna Kohl
Research Team Leader
+358 20 722 4549

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