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Techniques for ultra-high voltage and very fast transients


Project kick-off meeting

6.5.2016, Borås, Sweden​

CIGRE D1.60 meeting (Traceable measurement of very fast transients)
25.8.2016, Paris, France

IEC TC62C meeting (Equipment for radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiation dosimetry)
11.10.2016, Frankfurt, Germany

IEC TC42 meeting (High-voltage and high-current test techniques)
12.10.2016, Frankfurt, Germany

IEC TC38 meeting (Instrument transformers)
28.11.-2.12.2016, Milan, Italy

Project mid-term meeting
October 2017, Madrid, Spain

Stakeholder workshop
October 2018, Borås, Sweden

Project final meeting
April 2019, Espoo, Finland