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Biotechnical processing

VTT’s expertise

VTT is one of the global pioneers in research for refining renewable raw materials into fuels, materials and chemicals. Close collaboration with industry, as well as technology development in applied and academic research have been successfully utilized to generate new methods and processes for traditional and future biorefineries.

VTT’s expertise, with around 300 researchers working in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry, is based on high-level scientific research and international collaboration.


Key technologies

VTT develops technologies covering the entire value chain from raw material to final product. Our know-how related to the release of sugars from biomass – such as sugar cane bagasse or wood to be used as the feedstock of fermentation industries – especially includes mastering enzyme technology and enzyme discovery.

VTT also focuses on metabolic engineering of microbes, and has worked with major global companies in applying cell factories for the production of various chemicals from sugar sources using specifically designed microbes. We have also long experience in constructing and improving fungal strains for efficient enzyme production. The methods of chemistry are often combined with biochemical methods for further refining of natural polymers or products from cell factories.

Collaboration with VTT

Companies using renewable raw materials in their production processes can take advantage of VTT’s expertise. VTT is also keen to operate in collaboration with other Brazilian research parties.

Our technology is aimed at upgrading renewables to products with increased added value, such as biofuels or new biomass-derived chemicals. VTT’s expertise can best be utilised by companies willing to develop new process options and biotechnical tools such as enzymes and production organisms for their processes.