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Energy production

VTT’s expertise

VTT’s energy research is versatile, comprising a variety of energy technologies from renewable energy to nuclear power. In the bioenergy sector VTT is one of the leading R&D organisations, working in tight co-operation with industrial customers and international research organisations. Energy economy and the reduction of emissions form a substantial part of our research.

The competence of more than 400 of our energy experts is being utilised to secure the future production of cost-efficient energy.


Key technologies

VTT develops bioenergy technologies for industry (for example the pulp and paper industry) and heat and power production, as well as for the production of liquid biofuels. Fluidised bed technology (gasification and combustion) is a VTT speciality. There is a long tradition of fluidised bed combustion in Finland, and the world’s leading fluidised bed technology manufacturers are Finnish companies. The emphasis of our operation is on improving the performance, usability and reliability of boilers, and especially on multi-fuel use, where we focus on fuel flexibility in solving problems that include deposit formation, fouling and corrosion caused by demanding fuels. Multifuel operation enables efficient utilisation of different biofuels and waste fractions, such as bagasse, together with fossil fuels. Our activities related to gasification and gas cleaning are concentrated on several different industrial applications. The wide range of feedstocks varies from clean wood-based fuels to industrial byproducts/wastes and recycled fuels (SRF), and applications from ultra-clean synthesis gas to fuel gas for industrial kilns and power plant applications.

Collaboration with VTT

The industrial companies having need for heat and/or power or having access to combustible waste streams can develop their business based on the excellent expertise of VTT. Collaboration with local R&D parties is also part of VTTs normal operation. Our mission is to produce added value for our customers by utilizing the most advanced technologies for efficient and clean energy production and conversion.