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Wood and fibre processing

VTT’s expertise

VTT offers multidisciplinary competencies for pulp, paper and packaging processes as well as for wood products. Our strengths include top-level scientific and technological expertise, unique pilot-scale research platforms and supporting modelling. Our goaloriented research results in lower production costs, a simplified chain of production, new products and new business opportunities.

At VTT there are currently 300 scientists working in this field.


Key technologies

VTT offers excellent experimental facilities for pulp, paper and board processes. Pulping, fibre engineering, papermaking and surface treatment can be executed and tested from laboratory scale up to pilot scale. For a deeper understanding of reaction mechanisms, VTT also offers advanced analyses for the characterization of fibre components and structural features.

VTT develops advanced fibre-based materials and new biopolymers and bio-based barriers for packages. These materials offer innovative possibilities for developing eco-efficient, easily recyclable packaging, and incorporate intelligent functionalities e.g. for freshness indicators, anti-counterfeit and brand enhancement applications.

In wood products our developments include added-value properties such as high biological durability, controlled moisture behaviour and UV resistance. We develop specialised wood product concepts e.g. smart fire-retardant systems and mouldable wood products. We also offer sophisticated simulation tools for production optimisation.

Collaboration with VTT

As an innovation partner, VTT cooperates confidentially within all areas of the forest industry from raw materials and processes to end products and user experiences. We have multidisciplinary competences and a holistic understanding of the value network enabling us to create new uses for forest-based materials. Our working processes, tools and equipment allow us to scale up the inventions from ideas to commercial applications.