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MycoKey workshop 2018

Katarina Slettengren


​Dr. Katarina Slettengren made her PhD at Food Process Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), 2015. Her MSc and BSc (Protein isolation from cod bi-products with the pH-shift method) in Biotechnology with specialization in Food and Health, Chalmers University of Technology.

Currently she is working as a scientific head of the analytics laboratory at Bühler AG. She is an expert on mycotoxin in cereal grains & control measures and she coordinates the MycoKey project from Bühler's side. She works in a Customer-facing role, adding value to customer projects by combining expertise in technology and laboratory analytics.

In her trainee year (2014) she worked at Nestlé PTC, Powder Science & Encapsulation assessing powder surface properties with characterization of powder stickiness and contact angle. In 2010-2011 while working at SP Food and Science as food technologist. She worked with EU projects ProPraline and FAHRE. Analysing fat bloom and crack formation in chocolate & mapping of food and health research in Europe.