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Case studies

Steel reuse case studies documented in PROGRESS project


​NTS building, Thirsk, UK

The original order for the building was cancelled in 2008 and the elements were stored. The new building was erected in 2017 by reusing a quarter of the steelwork of the original building.

​Deconstruction and relocation of a warehouse and office building in Slough, UK

The structure was built in 2000 and relocated in a different layout in 2015.


Single storey industrial hall converted into multi-storey office building, Timisoara, Romania

The building was erected in the 1960s as a single storey industrial hall of steel structural elements with crane and converted into a five-storey office building in 2004.



Conversion of the former heat and power plant of RWTH Aachen University into a seminar building

Following the closure of the RWTH heat and power plant in the 1990s, the decision was made to transform it into a seminar building by adapting the structure to meet the new functional requirements.


Design of the in-situ rehabilitation of the Steel Structures Laboratory of PUT

The structure was erected in 1959, consisting of truss elements. Part of the structure was severely damaged in 2017 by a storm.



The design of a relocated steel industrial hall

The structure was designed in 2008 as a standard kit to be adapted for different locations and applications. It was erected in 2009 and relocated for reuse in 2017.


​Deconstruction and relocation of a warehouse and office building in Copăceni, Romania

The building was erected in 2004 in Craiova, consisting of a two-storey office area and a warehouse. In 2012, it was moved to Copăceni (227 km east of Craiova) and one more bay was added to the warehouse.



Bus station Schiphol – Nord

The original building was erected in 1958 and was used as a hangar by the Rotterdam Airport until the late nineties. In 2003, the structure was reused as a hangar for seven years by the Rotterdam Detention Center. In 2015, it was reused again as a bus station in Schiphol.


Deconstruction and relocation of a steel canopy in Otočcu, Croatia

The original structure was erected in Pula and was relocated for reuse in 2011 in Otočcu, 266 km away.