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Project deliverables

Deliverable 1.0: Towards Smart Data-oriented Services

TDeliverable01.PNGhis report provides ideas about how to determine the range of opportunities offered by digitalization, how to make an effective start with data-based services and which tools may be useful at different stages during the implementation of these services. The work in the project is being carried out in close collaboration with the project partners, and the major part of the project work is taking place in the case studies. The project has organized two workshops aimed at sharing experiences, practices and the latest results from both the research organisations and industrial partners. The results from the case studies and workshops, along with a tailored complementary literature review, have been utilised in writing the third and fourth parts of this deliverable. Taken together, the overall aim of this deliverable is to share our experience and understanding of how to create new profitable businesses based on intelligent assets and data.

  • Ahonen, T. Hanski, J. Uusitalo, T. Jännes, J. Hyvärinen, M. Vainio, H. Kunttu, S. Valkokari, P. Kortelainen, H. & Koskinen, K. 2017. Towards Smart Data-oriented Services. SmartAdvantage_Deliverable_1.pdf


2nd deliverable of the project to be published 02/2017!


Conference presentations

Ahonen, T., Uusitalo, T., Kunttu, S. & Hyvärinen, M. 2016. SmartAdvantage – Intelligent Assets and Smart Data-oriented Services as a Source of Competitive Advantage. SMACC Research Seminar 10.10.2016. SmartAdvantage_project_presentation_SMACC_seminar_Ahonen_Final.pptx

Ahonen, T. Hanski, J. Hyvärinen M. Kortelainen, H. Uusitalo, T. Vainio, H. Kunttu, S. & Koskinen, K. 2017. Enablers and barriers of smart data-based asset management services in industrial business networks.  WCEAM 2017 World Congress on Engineering Asset Management.Submission 62 Full Paper Ahonen et al.pdf

Ahonen, T Hanski, J. & Valkokari, P. 2017. Digital asset management service offering as an integrated part of customers' business. SMACC Research Seminar 7.11.2017.DigiAM_SMACC_Seminar2017_FullPaper.pdf