02 | 2006

New efficient healthcare solutions technology for acute emergency and aging population

Faster consultation for patients globally without ties to a place and time

A Global Health Monitoring Platform service offers an efficient, open, scalable and secure service environment for remote diagnostics and telemedicine services utilization. This makes it possible to streamline the health care system and reach better efficiency money wise as well as improve the quality of health care. At the same time, it is possible to increase business volume through larger geographical reach of the medical service. In elderly care and chronic diseases people can be treated at home which increases the hospital infrastructure capacity. Patients get faster consultation in case of an acute emergency and easy to use solutions without ties to a place and time.

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St1 to launch production of ethanol using a technology developed by VTT

Intelligent technology enables profitable and eco-friendly business

The energy enterprise St1 has decided to begin producing ethanol in Finland. The production will be based on a process developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. In the process, ethanol will be produced from waste generated by the food processing industry in the place of origin of the waste. The new method makes ethanol production profitable even on a small scale.

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Finnish R&D breakthrough radically improves software industry profitability

New agile methods can save costs up to 70 per cent

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new product development technology for the software industry. By using VTT’s new agile methods, savings of as much as 70 per cent can be gained in the development of new software products. The new methods enable a significantly more flexible and efficient product development process as methods allow making changes to the software at each stage of the process. The methods are being introduced in several Finnish and European companies.

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Quartz to be replaced with silicon in timing circuit

Miniaturised and wireless electronics step in new age

A new timer circuit is one hundred times smaller than the traditional quartz crystal. The substitution of quartz for silicon opens up totally new possibilities for reducing the size of electronic devices and for improving their performance. The device is especially helpful in the realization of wireless electronics. For example, it is possible to install buttons, biometric detectors and sharp clocks into smart cards that are thinner than anything seen before.

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VTT and industry develop emission-free energy technology

Coal combustion emissions in control

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing technology that will allow fuels including coal to be utilised more efficiently in energy production; even without emitting any carbon dioxide.

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Clear link between R&D investments and economic development of nations

Yield rate of several tens of per cent

According to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s seminar evaluating the effect of technology investments, R&D investments are clearly linked with the economic development of companies, industries and nations. In order to ensure Finland's competitiveness in the global markets, VTT's CEO & President Erkki KM Leppävuori is now asking for a more determined R&D investment policy.

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VTT is an impartial expert organisation. Its objective is to develop new technologies, create new innovations and value added thus increasing customer's competencies. With its know how VTT produces research, development, testing and information services to public sector and companies as well as international organisations.