02 | 2006

VTT receives The ALICE Industrial Award from CERN

The ALICE collaboration of CERN has presented "The ALICE Industrial Award" to VTT for their contributions in the development and production of hybridized silicon pixel detectors.

ALICE is one of the physics experiments in the new LHC (Large Hadron Collider) accelerator to be launched in 2007. ALICE aims at reproducing the "Big bang" in laboratory scale by smashing heavy ions at high energy.

VTT has participated in the development of pixel detectors for the inner tracking system (ITS) of ALICE since 2000. VTT will produce approximately 300 hybridized detector modules to the LHC accelerator located in Geneva before the end of summer 2006.


Additional information
  • Ilkka Suni
  • Vice President, Electronics
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